I am a photographer, writer, painter and create cards, boxes and other things with paper, scissors, moulding with plaster, paper and paint. ~ Therefore ~ I am an ARTIST.

Life is an adventure!

MC is an artist with a special flair for the romantic and heartwarming. She thinks in different materials and compositions than the usual and knows how to combine things in an incredible variety of new ways that Excites, Enchants and Warms one and takes one on a journey to the World of Fantasy.


MC is always looking for new exciting things to do and to get others to find interest in and she is always very helpful and patient. She loves what she is doing and is only satisfied when it is all perfect.
Dette billede har en tom ALT-egenskab (billedbeskrivelse). Filnavnet er MC_Div_031.png
Interview by Maggie 2005

I walked into the kitchen to get a quick coffee. Hubby was busy frying  some bacon for breakfast and it smelled delicious. I considered grabbing a bite but instead just walked back to my computer with the freshly made coffee steaming in the mug in my hand. MC, after all, has just come online for the interview and was waiting.

”You should drink more water, Maggie’ she typed. I sat back, flabbergasted, staring at the screen. I once received a custom-made t-shirt as a gift. On the front was written ‘Maggie loves ….’ On the backside it said ‘ … coffee and cigarettes’ with a picture of me holding one of each in each hand. I’m beyond saving when it comes to Java. Buy it by the tons and drink it by the gallons. Nowadays it is decaf, though. But nevertheless, I will give up a lot of things in life, but coffee won’t be one of it.

I blurted out to MC in IM: “How did you know I need to drink more water??? !!!! – apart from saying it is the truth? MC: “It just came to me ,welcome back” Me: “Goodnesssssss…..and you are absolutely right!” MC: “ It always comes like a thought out of the blue.” Me: “Good gracious!”
”Eat more lamb, instead of pork”, she continued
. It must have been the scrumpcious smelling bacon. MC must have smelled it too! But hey, I live in South Africa. She could have said ‘eat more elephant, crocodile or grasshoppers, although she didn’t know where I live, at that point in the interview. And yes, we eat lots of lamb, since we farm with sheep! She didn’t know that even up to this minute. I never told her.
Two weeks prior to the interview I bought four times more bacon than usual and thought I would like to try some new recipes with it! It’s in the freezer now. We barely started the interview. How did she know!?

The intuition gradually grew in her travels through life, she said. ” I was born in the year of 1948 in a countryside of Denmark. There were lots of fields with corn of all kinds and there were lots of spaces where I could be in solitude which I preferred most of the time. I played with toy trains in my early childhood. My father had a collection of tin trains which he allowed me to play with once in awhile.
Nearby we had a forest which was my favorite place. I could run like a fox and find my way around like the animals which were a benefit when I joined the scouts at the age of 11.I have two very fond memories from my childhood.

The first one was when I was 10 years old – laying in a deer path with the sun in my face, with closed eyes, listening to the sound of the forest. The butterflies sat on my chest. The second is when I was 14 years old. I was out cycling with my baby brother and we made it far out of the city into a construction site. We stopped there to rest for a while. I sat on top of a dirt hill and my brother ran around inside the hole.  I remember when I sat there on the hilltop I suddenly experienced a huge, huge feeling of peace, a peace beyond this world (which I have been looking for since) and even I felt alone as the only person on the Earth, it was such a great, great feeling!”

You can’t really say one event or one of something makes any significant role in your life, can you? I have tried so many things, read so many books and got so many experiences that it could hold several lives – at least 7 life times!
One thing I can remember though is since my 15th year I have been searching for the meaning of my life. I have been studying so many religions and tried a few, but never been able to get an answer, go figure.”
MC search for peace and truth led her on a path through different believes, such as Jehovah Witnesses, Catholics and Buddhism.

“But today?? I belong to none of those and not even our own Protestantism”, she says, “the only one I never tried out was Islam and Mohamed… something. I don’t believe in the Bible at all for that matters as it is been written by human err…. old men with agendas . In the end I found it in myself… doh me?” Her interests and hobbies include the Spiritual part of human beings and helping them whenever it is possible by healing and consulting. “I used to have a clinic, years back”, she adds.

The clairvoyance and healing abilities developed through a closer relationship with her higher self. “It is in all of us, she says, we just have to develop our skills.” “I think it has been there all the time. I just during my life have been developing the skills by “accident”. There is always a meaning/point with what we are doing if we follow our instincts. For instance, I was visiting a friend who has her friends visiting and during the dinner, around the table, we got into the conversation of alternative, so to speak, things. I was asked ‘What can you do..? ‘ I said: “I am not sure what I can do, though… but I can tell what you have in your fridge.” And I told her what I saw… and they were actually shocked which I was too when they told me that was right what I said,  so sometimes I can do that. I never use my skills as a party playing thing as I learned not to do so at that visit.

My psychic skills have helped me a lot in relationships. I am feeling less angry of others, less disappointed and more happy and peaceful inside. I still have some issues I need to get out of my system, of course, but it comes slowly. I also understand more and more of how people are reacting to things. And I can tell them, if they ask, how to change their behavior and food and such. A good book to read, by the way, is “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. It has a subtitle ‘A Practical Guide to Personal FREEDOM.’ http://www.miguelruiz.com/

“That is a spiritual, but down to earth book, and a very helpful tool to understand what is going on around and inside you.” Her healing abilities: ”If I am with a person and we just talk and enjoy each other’s company, I feel sometimes my hands are getting warmer than a radiator and if the person is sick in some way, head ache, stomach ache or such I just lay my hand on the spot and mostly the pain disappear. I am not doing that much anymore as I am very much in solitude after being back from my last visit to the USA and I have to start over again. But once in a while my roommate gets some healing.”

” I used to do that a lot years ago when  I thought it was that way I was mean to go and had a clinic where I had 3 / 5 people a day in a process of healing. There is always a conversation first and after the act itself because listening to the person that needs help is a healing it self. I did that full time in 2 and half years. Then it was time to do something else.” Photography is another love and passion in MCs life.
“It started when I was 11 years old when I got my first camera… I have been a newspaper “boy” and earned my own money so I bought a camera. The passion for photography didn’t come out of the blue though. One member of my family was a film producer for hearing disabled people. I was often in my late teens with him on location around the world. So that came natural so to speak. ” Painting is next on the list of MCs interests.

”I guess that comes out of creativity from family genes and my soul of course. But since the computer invaded my life I haven’t been painting that much as I like to, because there IS always something, I think, I need to do on the computer.” Creating websites is a deep rooted passion for MC.
”Let me say first of all, I am still ignorant concerning web site techniques. The very first web site I made was with a drag and pull program from a web hosting company, the more I tried and yes, tried out different things the more curious I got. I ended up buying Macromedia’s Dreamweaver. For me it seemed easy to use also at the same time I took a very short online course of making HTML. In the Dreamweaver program there were several kinds of things to do and use among them was CSS. I am not a tech person so I had to read several times before I got it.” I asked MC
a few questions about web design:

What do you regard as the benefits of using CSS? “The benefit of using CSS is great as you can make your web site look as it was done by a professional web designer. Also CSS makes it easy for you to change or add things to your web site”. Is there anything you would like to change on your website? “To make a web site is like “The Never ending Story” – There will probably be changes down the road as I learn more and more.” What do your regard as good web design? “A good web design is: Easy to browse, easy downloading (not big files) and simple layout so users can find their way around and at last be sure that all the links works.” What kind of website do you enjoy the most?   “That was a hard question, I think I enjoy an interactive web site also with beautiful graphic and easy reading stuff.” Are there any tips you would like to share with fellow tutorials writers on anything?

“Yes – Be sure to make your tutorials simple and informative, as you never know how much experience the user of your tutorials has.” Her apartment is stacked with books overflowing every available space. She’s reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter as latest, and other crime novels such as Agatha Christie’s. “Oh I can’t remember all the books I read and still read …” Since the apartment is so small, she uses her bedroom as a living room and office too. Her friend’s room is stacked with boxes like her own room. They urgently need more space and find the house as soon as possible.

MC loves to share this favorite poem of hers with friends: (author unknown):

A simple act of kindness
Passed on from and to man
is but a touch of God’s own love
in a kind, extended hand Compassion, love and mercy,
Passed down through all mankind
completing then the circle
that all men seek to find In reaching out and touching lives,
with your generosity
it did not go unnoticed
for the eyes of God to see The kindness and compassion
That He’s sown deep in your soul
an instrument of His own love
to make life’s circle whole.
~ © Unknown ~

She loves writing: “I still have nothing published yet, I am planning to rewrite my cookbook to online users, but that will only be in Danish – maybe, and finally, did I mentioned house hunting?? I love garden work … which is why the house hunting is the most important thing at the moment as I want to have a huge garden or big if I can’t get a huge one. I live in Copenhagen City, Denmark – Sharing a flat with a good friend. We have been friends for 22 years now. Actually we only had the flat 4 years now as we bought it after returning from USA where we lived a couple of years.

The flat is on 3rd floor in a huge block of buildings which makes a whole square with a yard inside the square. Lots of noises and lots of kids, I want more peace than that so we are now house hunting so to speak.  Man, I would really love a garden! I wake up in the morning with all the noises rushing in from the streets. I always have the window open, the sirens of the cop cars / ambulances and fire trucks are hard to lock out.” “It is hard work to find a house in Denmark,” says MC. “It should fit our wallet of course and it should have a huge garden also. We might go to Sweden and find something there that meets our needs. Property in Denmark is way too expensive.” Although the two countries are so near each other, there is huge difference in the languages.

“At some places both in Denmark and Sweden it is impossible to understand what they are saying. Yes, even Norwegian is a differently language.” How does she spend an average day? ”First thing as usual turn on the computer, bathroom visit, and then to the kitchen and making a cup of coffee, reading the mails, and then making plan of what to do today. Morning walk and shopping if something needed, then back to the computer, working with Dreamweaver a few hours, afternoon walk, computer again searching for houses / images / checking web sites to get new ideas.

Dinner time – yeah – watching news and a film, back to the computer -…oh boy it is about to be too late… closing all work down and play a little game at Big Fish around 1 am.” ”Boring heh??” she said. “No, no days are alike, there are always happening something that change my plans even if I had any” Then there is the world she has created for herself: Pippinville city on Activeworlds. AW for short is an 3Dimensional environment universe where you are able to interact with other people and to build both objects to use and buildings as well as landscapes with trees and bushes and such.

“I had a world of my own, she types in IM, “where I do build objects as well. ‘Vision2″ I call my world. Go figure. And the purpose?? Well you make the purpose of what you want the program for. I love to build to create like I was an architect and I love to make landscapes… it is fun to do.” “When I first became a citizen of the thingy I build in solitude almost 2 years before I even talked to someone else and today it will take you at least 2 weeks to see ALL of the Pippinville city hehehe.” She loves reading the newsletter. It drops into her mailbox automatically.  “I would love to read news for sure, of what has been on the market of graphic programs … but that is only me … also headlines from other countries… good ones though…”

If she has to choose a color, it would be sun-yellow. And which music do you like? – Any kind except heavy metal. She is fond of Irish folk, Relaxation (new age) and oldies but goodies. Some more questions: Do you belong to groups/forums/clubs? “Do you mean online or real life? I did belong to one group “PSP Friends ‘N More” but it has closed as the owner didn’t felt very good health wise. I been a member of a few forums. A Forum is such a great place to show off and meet new people if the owner of the forum understand how to treat people. I use to say I don’t want to be a member of any clubs other people wants me to be member of. Which means I am not a member of any groups today where I have to interact with others. I have a few blogs (WordPress) At those places people can make comments if they like.

Then I am happy of course, otherwise I test out my skills in those areas as well ” Did PSP (Paint Shop Pro) changed the way you look at life/the world/ people/etc? “PSP didn’t change anything significant, but it spiced up my imagination and creativity a lot. It gave me an opportunity to really show off, but yes, it gave me new people in my online life as well as new inspiration.” How long have you been into PSP? “I have had PSP since 1998 where I got my very first computer and I have used it ever since, more or less. These days I use it also to make textures for my objects in a 3D world/universe. I mentioned briefly the 3D world / universe. In 1999 when I was hit by a huge deep depression, I downloaded the Activeworlds program.

I have been traveling a bit. I have been so many places around the world it is difficult to mention the highlights of all my travels. As photographer I was able to work wherever it should be, in my youth – not today, and I have been other places on vacation as well. To mention a few: – Australia, USA, North Africa, most of Europe and Scandinavia, England. I don’t have any favorite places as each place is unique. But sure, I will go there again, when the world looks better to be on (no wars anywhere, you know)” Travel also was made easier for MC through her Multi-language skills. “Danish is my native language as I am born in Denmark. Beside Danish I speak English, Swedish, Dutch, German and a very little French but English is the language I use mostly these days so when not used it is easy to forget.”

I sat wondering what MCs vision for her future can be, being such a multi-talented, curious, intelligent person. So I asked her: “Are there any challenges you still want to accomplish. Do you have a wish list, or rather a list of goals or both? ” MC replies: “There are always new heights to reach. I don’t have a wish list or goals, apart from the goal to have a garden. *Chuckles*. But if I, during the path of my Life, hit something that interest me at that moment, I am often so stubborn I want to figure out how things work. My first goal was when I got my first camera, how it worked and figure out how and what I could take photographs of, and that is the instant path of my life as I always have and lived through a camera lens if I wanted to learn something, especially of other people.

Today I don’t need the camera to figure out how people are. Now a days I have my spiritual gifts to help me.” I still do a lot of photography as I digital camera now. In the digital age there is much to learn too, so I am looking forward to try new things again. Isn’t it amazing to visit a PSP-tutorial writer’s site and discover so many worlds in one person; meet a birthday buddy who lives on the other side of the world and to feel a sense of wonder when the final goodbye is said in IM.

MC is truly one of those people who can be believed when she says:

”Yes!!!… LIFE is an wonderful adventure!”

~ Maggie~  

Tak for dit besøg ~ Thank you for your visit.

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